About Us

The company

We are Exponentialgreen, a company of Porto, created in 2013. Bioethnolife is our exclusive brand.

Exponentialgreen is a small company with 4 elements of the various areas of training, but with a common goal: Living bio! And so began this journey ...

Because the daily diet should bring added benefits to our health, we selected food and foodstuffs from organic farming, the practice of fair trade where all stakeholders are respected and healthy for its high nutritional value.

All our activities are notified to the entity responsible for the sector (DGADR) and controlled by the body control and certification (Naturalfa) with the certificate No. B / 36/2014


Registered trademark

Plants and their properties have been the basis of traditional medicines around the world,over thousands of years. Ancient knowledge of different peoples and cultures, associated with recent scientific studies continue to provide new and better alternatives for humanity.Scientific data suggest that 2/3 of all the plant species in the world have medicinal value, in particular several medicinal plants have a high antioxidant power. Thus arose the Ethno.

The constant concern with health, prevention of diseases and their relation to the daily diet, it makes you stop and think if it's not worth require more quality at every meal. The existence of an inverse relationship between the daily intake of foods rich in natural antioxidants and the incidence of diseases in man, reinforces the importance of supplementing the diet with antioxidants. Supplement the daily diet with the best of plantsis a preventive and healthy lifestyle. This is the concept of Life.

The practice of organic farming, which respects nature and the environment, not making useof any kind of chemical additives, pesticide or chemical fertilizer, or obtaining products from a wild habitat, preserving ecosystems and the evolutionary process of the plants. The constant demand for the production of products as close as possible to their natural state,promoting the development of small family productions and the practice of a fair and sustainable trade, whether economic, social, educational and sanitary. And certainty of market products of origin and controlled production, with certified quality and safetybeneficial for our health, for nature and for the future makes us the Bio!


For us, for the nature, for the future!