Orders & Returns

The order of some product, chosen from among at the online store is made by placing the basket;
For some products, properly identified in the online store, the acquisition can be limited to a certain number of copies;
You can only cancel an order if it is in pending status, which means it has not been packaged and did not come out of our warehouses. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to do the following:

Please contact the online store through bioethnolife@bioethnolife.com email and let all the order data and the intention to cancel the same. In case of order cancellation, the refund will only be made upon receipt and through the same means of payment.
The EXPONENCIALGREEN bear the shipping costs of the return, if the item is damaged or if an error has occurred on his expedition; on ordering multiple products EXPONENCIALGREEN refund the difference between the values of the transport costs of the original order and the value of the order transportation costs without the damaged products. If the reason for return is your desire or made a mistake when ordering, shipping cost, plus any transaction costs, will be refunded to you refund amount.The Exponential GREEN only accepts new product returns, complete and in original packaging of the order. This package must not be damaged, altered or erased. Incomplete products, damaged or used by the customer will not be accepted.

If the return is not complying with the above mentioned conditions, the customer shall not be entitled to any refund and will be offered to submit this return with the next order. If you decline and want to recover the article, you need to schedule a pick up of articles in EXPONENCIALGREEN facilities and bear the burden.
The delivery of products purchased in this service comply with the legal standards applicable in Portugal to the distance marketing year (Decree-Law No. 82/2008 of 20 May);
The customer has the right to claim any defect, inaccuracy or inadequacy of the product for what was ordered, within the legal deadlines established for this purpose.